Anderson, SC chiropractic servicesWe offer safe, gentle chiropractic care for the relief of pain and suffering. We also offer chiropractic care to people who wish to participate in and continue a healthy, symptom and drug free life. It's what we call 'wellness care'. Dr. Klatt uses the famous Sigma Instruments/Pro-Adjuster technique as well as the world renowned Impulse IQ Adjusting System and the original light-force instrument, the Activator to deliver precise impulses to the spine with the intent of correcting spinal misalignments. This allows your nervous system to express itself more fully. He has taught doctors of chiropractic in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia how to use the Pro-Adjuster in their practices and has been using it himself for over eleven years. He has used the Activator for 25 years, and is one of only two Certified Impulse IQ Instrument Adjusters in the entire state of South Carolina.

“Our analysis is done with computerized precision that is accurate far beyond what the human hand is capable of. This allows me tremendous certainty that I am adjusting your spine in exactly the right place at exactly the right speed. These tools are all truly pieces of ‘Space Age’ equipment!”


At Klatt Chiropractic Wellness Center, Dr. Klatt helps many people find health solutions through Nutrition Response Testing. He uses NRT as a valuable tool to establish nutritional deficiencies. Once those deficiencies are uncovered, he uses whole food, all natural nutritional supplements from Standard Process and Medi Herb to help each patient improve their nutritional health status. You have probably never heard of a Heart Rate Variability test, but that is one of the computerized tools he may use to assess how your nervous system is responding and how your body will react to a program of clinical nutrition.

“This work is so good at finding and correcting the underlying causes of problems that it is not unusual to have people refer their entire families for care. It is tremendously rewarding to have the continued opportunity to help so many people in our area find their health and vitality that they thought was lost forever. It is an absolute blessing in my life!”