Our Patients Speak

In this part of our web page, we give our patients the chance to tell you in their words about how chiropractic and Dr. Klatt have helped them in the past and continue to help them so they can live healthier lives.


I started chiropractic care back in 1980 because I was having migraine headaches. In addition, I was very nervous, had low back pain and a bad case of arthritis. Most of these problems had been going on for years despite using medications, traction and exercises to try and help.

As a result of chiropractic care, I have very few headaches - and when I do have one it is less intense. I don't use any muscle relaxors or tranquilizers any more. Also, I have fewer colds and my allergies are much better. I work with dairy cattle and that is very rough work so I find that my body works best if I get adjusted about every three weeks. Besides, I enjoy never having a drug "hangover"!

My daughter has been under chiropractic care for eighteen years and my grandchildren get adjusted as well, so you can see we are a chiropractic family. My daughter believes like I do - chiropractic first!

I always recommend that my friends become chiropractic patients. Sometimes they are stubborn and try other things, but when nothing helps, they are ready to take my chiropractic advise!

Rebecca K.


My 11 year old son, Austin, has suffered from childhood headaches sine he was 5 years of age. We checked all the food allergies. Nothing. We were told it was his nerves, stress, all kinds of things. Finally, his pediatrician said, "Migraines. He might grow out of them,"  was all he could tell us. He didn't want to prescribe anything yet. It was terrible. We watched Austin bang his head and cry. We used Motrin and caffeine to help him, but it usually took him getting sick, vomiting and then sleeping twelve hours to get over a typical headache. I bought Motrin every month. I knew we were giving him too much, but what is a mother to do?

Well, a few months ago I had a severe back problem and I had heard Dr. Tony Klatt talk about the Pro-Adjuster on his radio program, so I decided to give it a try. It worked quite well for me, by the way. I mentioned to Dr. Tony one day about Austin being at home with one of his headaches. He asked for more information and suggested that I should bring Austin in the next time he was having a headache. I did. Dr. Tony did his exam and started adjusting Austin with the Pro-Adjuster.

Austin is now a different child. He sleeps better, more relaxed. It is easier to get him up in the morning and he eats better. But most important - NO MORE HEADACHES! I haven't bought Motrin since he's been going to Dr. Tony. He told us that  Austin's C-1 vertebra was out of alignment and showed us it was off the chart on the Pro-Adjuster screen. After one adjustment, it was amazing how it came in place. Austin loves going to see Dr. Klatt and always talks about how good it feels. I am just so grateful that Dr. Tony and the Pro-Adjuster gave us our son back!

Tammy W.


Before I came to Dr. Klatt I could barely walk I had severe pain in my right hip that ran down my leg. I was unable to sleep comfortably even with the muscle relaxors my other doctor prescribed for me. Dr. Klatt explained that I had the problem for years, most likely even though even thought it was only three weeks since the pain really put me down.

After the first two Activator adjustments I could walk better - not humped over. After four adjustments, II only had a catch in my right hip. After six adjustments, I had no pain. Now, after eight adjustments, I feel great! No more sleeping pills!!

Dr. Klatt explained that the healing process takes time and I want to fix my problem for good, not just get relief. Thank you, Dr. Klatt - I absolutely recommend you to everyone!

Sara C.


I came to Dr. Klatt's office with my neck in terrible pain. The burning was going down into my left arm and it was getting worse as time went by. The worse thing was, I didn't even know what started it all! Well, Dr. Klatt explained the nervous system to me in a way that made real sense. I finally understood what was causing the problem and I'm glad to say that after four Impuse IQ adjustments, I feel so much better that I can hardly believe it!

Jane K.


I first came to see Dr. Klatt in June of 1997 when I was having a constant 'crick' in my neck, severe headaches, lower back pain and constipation. I had tried a lot of other things for my problems and medical doctors had prescribed everything from pain killers to strong muscle relaxors. After Dr. Klatt began treating me with his Activator, it wasn't long before I started getting relief. In fact, it was the first time in years that I felt relief.

I have notices several benefits from getting adjustments - I don't have that constant 'crick' anymore, my headaches, when I havve them, are not as severe and my low back is much better. I never knew that the nerves in my low back could actually cause constipation, but I do now.

Other members of my family have had good results with chiropractic care and I would definitely recommend Dr. Klatt to anyone. He has been a tremendous help to me!

Stephanie N.


I had been suffering from stiff joints and a 'crick' in my neck that had been going on for about five years. I guess I finally got tired of living on pain relievers, so I came to see Dr. Tony Klatt. After just a few adjustments I noticed that my pain was mostly gone. I felt so much better mentally and physically. I can honestly say that I feel great for the first time in a long time! Other members of my family have had good results with chiropractic as well and I would recommend Dr. Tony Klatt to anyone who wants to feel better.

Robert L.


I first came to see Dr. Klatt a couple months ago because I was having shoulder problems. The pain was in my left shoulder and it hurt all of the time. This has been going on for one year and, since I am a hair dresser, it was really affecting my work, although I tried not to let it.

I had been taking muscle relaxors, pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs to try and ease the pain. Of course I didn't like the way the drugs made me feel, but what could I do?

Well, fortunately, I heard about Dr. Tony Klatt and his light force Activator adjustments. Thankfully, I have finally found relief from my pain. Not only do my neck and shoulder feel better, but Dr. Klatt has taught me how my body's nervous system is actually working better than it ever has before. I definitely recommend Dr. Tony Klatt.

Mary Jean W.


When I first came to Dr. Klatt I could hardly walk because my left hip hurt so bad. I could hardly pick up my left foot. I had to drag it to get around. I had problems going up and down steps and walking up hills. I had to put my right foot up, the drag my left foot behind.

I have now been to Dr Klatt four times and can walk without dragging my left foot any more. I can go up my steps one foot in front of the other. I'm not 100% yet but I am much better. I feel like I am getting there!

Mrs. F.C.


Before I came to see Dr. Klatt I was having headaches as often as 3 to 4 times per day. I was having a lot of anxiety as well as deep pressure in my chest. In addition, I was having some burning in my feet that started about 6 1/2 years ago.

Dr. Klatt explained about how my nervous system controls everything in my body and he said he thought he could help me.

Now, my headaches are practically gone. I only have 1 or 2 per month. The anxiety is gone along with the pressure in my chest. The burning in my feet only happens occasionally when I stand for too long a period of time.

I would recommend Dr. Klatt and his Pro-Adjuster to anyone who is at the end of their rope like I was!

Marvel K.


I have been seeing Dr. Klatt for a few months now. I came in because I was having neck, hip and lower back problems. After a few weeks of adjustments I felt like a new person.

About June 23rd I had a severe dizzy spell. I felt so light headed and week! All that day and the whole weekend, I just sat in the recliner. This was the only place I could feel rested.

I couldn't wait for Monday! On Monday afternoon, I finally went to the office and told Dr. Klatt what had happened over the weekend. He knew just what to do to help me. He adjusted the top of my neck. The moment he got through with the Impulse IQ adjustment, I knew immediately that the dizziness was gone. I felt like a new person. I haven't had a dizzy spell since then. Thank you, Dr . Klatt for helping me.

Geraldine S.


I was suffering with low back pain and sciatica for eight years. I went to traditional doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and also tried several medications which I didn't rely on because most of them give me nausea. None of these worked. Chiropractic, acupuncture, ice and bed rest helped me ease the pain better than anything else I had tried. I believed I was going to have to learn to live with the pain for the rest of my life. But I never gave up hope that there were other alternatives available.

My lower back problems made me feel twice my actual age. I also suffered from depression because every day I was living with the pain in addition to decreased range of motion. When at it's worse, my low back pain radiated down my leg causing my knee to buckle on me while walking. It was a very sharp pain all the way down to the calf area. At times I would be bed ridden due to the burning and aching. I had to go on short term disability due to the effect it had on my job.

Before I sought help through chiropractic, I thought they could hurt you by twisting and turning your body and that once you go, you always had to go. But I knew for sure that I didn't want to go under the knife, so I was willing to give it a try.

I'm so glad that I gave chiropractic a chance to work on my low back pain. The Pro-Adjuster gave me a new outlook on health all together. It has had a huge impact on my life by changing my view on traditional medicine regarding prescribing drugs and approaching everything on a more natural level. Chiropractic is the best medicine out there, if you ask me. People will take their car in for an alignment but will not do the same for their spine! Nothing makes you feel good like a deep adjustment and having all your nerves firing on optimal levels. The Pro-Adjuster takes chiropractic to a whole different level for me!

Susan T.


I was one of the first patients of Dr. Klatt's when he first went into practice. I was suffering from lower back pain and lots of stress due to sickness in my home. He helped me tremendously with adjustments. I appreciate his honesty. It meant a lot to be able to say I like my doctor and I trust him. I recommend Dr. Klatt.

Georgia W.